The project RECOAUD was selected in the TEMPUS IV 6th call for proposals by the European Commission which promotes the modernization of higher education in EU partner countries and Russian universities.


So far, there are no special lifelong learning programs in the Russian partner universities that address managers, responsible for the corporate Environmental Management, in order to train them for the implementation of Eco-Audit and climate change adaptation in their enterprises. In fact, the education and training necessarily has to be aligned to international standards and the state of the art of science.

Thus, the long-term objective of RECOAUD consists in the development and launch of a lifelong learning (retraining) and further education program with the focus on Eco-Audit and Environmental Management, which will be taught at Russian partner universities.

Within the project several questions/ sub-objectives will be achieved:

  • to develop a curriculum (textbook for the courses) for the further education program on "Eco-Audit and Environmental Management";
  • to train university teachers for the implementation of the courses;
  • to introduce new techniques in the educational process of the lifelong learning education;
  • to foster the cooperation between the participating regions in Russia;
  • to foster the knowledge exchange and cooperation between participating organizations and companies.


(8 Universities: 4 EU+4 RF)

1. Technische Universität Dresden, Germany (
2. University of Maribor, Slovenia (
3. Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland (
4. University of Zilina, Slovakia (
5. Samara State Transport University, Russia (
6. Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Russia (
7. Ural State University of Railway Transport, Russia (
8. Omsk State Transport University, Russia (

Duration of the project

12/2013 bis 03/2017