Project summary

Nowadays, it is crucial for enterprises to integrate the issues of climate change into their business planning and decision making. However, to achieve this need, enterprises need assistance and practical training. Environmental Management and Eco-Audit programs are able to assist enterprises by integrating environmental aspects into their decision making. Therefore, existing programs of the lifelong learning of Russian partner universities need to be aligned with international standards and inter-regionally standardized.

According to the high relevance of the topic and the demand, the main objective is to develop and implement a lifelong learning program "Eco-Audit and Environmental Management" for the Russian partner universities. Therefore, European partner universities will provide a knowledge and experience transfer to Russian partners, who will be implementing the lifelong learning programs in their universities. The principal outcome in this step will be a structured curriculum/content and the related education of university teachers according to the curriculum.

The focus will first be on industries, which are highly sensitive to the impacts of climate change. Therefore, railway and oil and gas enterprises from all participating regions will take part in this project and accompany the development and implementation of this program. By developing case studies together with students and enterprises, the knowledge and experience exchange between regions and enterprises will be fostered. The principal  outcome in this step are developed case studies for the integration of environmental managament in regional companies.

The Russian ministry of education is highly interested in this regional exchange and the development of a structured lifelong learning and further education program and accompanies the project. A last principal outcome will be a developed concept for the future regional cooperation and transfer of this program to other regions and branches.